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Why Buy a Fitted Washer Dryer?

The washer dryer is a practical and efficient way to do all your laundry in one go. These machines are ideal for households who do multiple loads of laundry per week.

They're also ideal for those with limited space as they're built into your kitchen unit. Clean clothes in, dirty and dry clothes out!


If you're seeking a space-saving laundry appliance, you should think about a washer and dryer that is all-in-one. These models combine front-load washers and condenser dryers into one appliance which is half the size of separate appliances. These units offer the same performance as mid-to-high-end standalone machines however, with smaller footprint. They're a great choice for small spaces.

You can choose between a ventless or vented model depending on the size of your home. You could also choose a pedestal which will lower the height required to load the machine. The majority of washer dryer combos provide 4-5 cubic feet that is similar to a traditional front-loading integrate washing machine machine. You can pick from various sizes and colors that complement your decor, based on your laundry needs.

The dryers equipped with hoses are compact and are energy efficient. They use less water and produce less waste per cycle than conventional appliances. You can select between a gas or electric model. Electric models are cheaper to purchase and operate, while gas models offer significant energy savings. Gas models are a good choice for households that have natural gas connections. They are also an affordable option for families that have a lot of laundry to wash.

Install your washer dryer on a surface that is level. It is recommended to hire an expert to manage the installation process, since the units need to be perfectly aligned and secured in place. Also, the floor must be strong enough to support the weight of both units as well as resist the vibrations during operation.

The GE WashTower comes with a variety of features that can help you save both water and energy. For instance, the sensors that detect your laundry automatically make use of only the right amount of water and power for each load. The machine has a sanitize mode that kills bacteria and germs, as well as 16-hour fresh-hold to preserve the freshness. SmartHQ allows you to monitor your laundry from afar and receive notifications in real time.


If you're limited on space, but you want perfectly dry and clean laundry, a fitted washer dryer is the perfect solution. These machines are built to fit between cabinets and other appliances, giving you a more efficient use of your home's space. These machines also have many advanced features to ensure that your laundry is completed correctly.

First, you'll want to check all of the dimensions of the prospective washer-dryer against the space you're planning to use it for. You'll want to check the height, width, and depth of your washer-dryer against the space you plan to put it in. Also, be sure to take into account any hoses or pipes that will take up space behind the machine, as they could affect the amount of clearance you'll have. You'll also need to determine whether you are going to purchase a vented or non-vented washer-dryer because they operate differently.

You can count on your washer-dryer to run up to 14 cycles, which includes an easy wash cycle as well as disinfect your dirty clothes. Many models come with an eco-dry or wrinkle prevention option to keep your clothing looking good. You can also find washers that come with dispensers for your detergent and fabric softener, or water faucets that can dispensate them for you. There's also the delay feature which keeps your laundry spinning until you're ready to complete it. This is perfect for those who are forgetful.

With a combination washer and dryer you can save space by stacking the dryer on top of the washer. You can reduce energy consumption by only running one machine at a given time. But, keep in mind that a stack of washers and dryer is more difficult to repair than separate units.

The integrated washer dryers are simple to use and are designed to fit in tight spaces. They also come with an enclosed door to hide the appliance for an uncluttered and sleek appearance. They're an excellent choice for condos and apartments that have limited counter and cabinet space.


A combination of washer and dryers can be more efficient than two separate machines in many instances. It consumes less water in the washing process. This means you can wash more in the same amount of water than the standard machine. The same applies to the drying phase. The spin cycle gets more water from your clothes, so you'll need to run your dryer for a shorter period of time. This can reduce your electricity consumption by a significant amount.

If you're concerned about how much energy your dryer and washer use, look for models with an Energy Star rating. These models use less energy than traditional appliances, saving you about $30 per year on energy costs. They also have special settings that can reduce energy usage. These settings let you reduce the temperature of the spin and wash cycle, as well as switch off the heater completely.

There are also dryers that dry your clothes with heat pump technology. These units are more expensive than conventional models, but they consume less electricity than the average washer and dryer. They are more difficult to set up and may cause problems with the air ducting.

When shopping for a new washer dryer combination it is important to think about the size of your space and how much you'd like to spend. Smaller models are more affordable however they might not be able to take on huge loads or heavy fabrics. If you are limited in space, a mid-sized machine can effortlessly handle the laundry needs of your family.

Before buying a washer dryer, check the clearance measurements and measure any tight spaces you'll have to navigate to place it without damaging your floor or scraping your cupboards. Examine the clearance measurements and take measurements of any spaces you'll have to navigate to get the machine into position without damaging your flooring or scratching your cupboards. You can purchase plastic floor guides for a few dollars online to prevent damage and help you slide the machine into position.

Simple to use

If you're looking for an integrated washer-dryer that is easy to use, choose one with a large, digital display and an easy control panel. Some models are also intelligent, allowing you to connect them to your home WiFi and control them via the free GE Profile Connect + app. These can send you alerts if your machine experiences a fault and let you download software updates as they become available.

Consider a set of washer and dryers that are operated by a smartphone or voice. These models allow you to interact with your laundry using Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung's App, giving you an easier, hands-free experience. Many are also equipped with a self-cleaning lint filter and smart energy ratings.

If you are considering a washer-dryer that is integrated, you must take measurements of the space it will occupy in your kitchen. Also, take into consideration the narrow hallways or spaces that it will need to pass through. Check that the floor is able to accommodate the weight of the machine as well as its vibrations. A platform with casters or floor guides you can purchase for a few dollars on the internet can help you move the new appliance on its feet without damaging floors or scratching the cabinets underneath.

After you've installed your washer and dryer in conjunction ensure that you read the user's manual thoroughly and follow the recommendations regarding maintenance and care. This will ensure that your washer and dryer continues to work well for as long a possible time, making it a great investment. It's important to keep in mind that, because of the way they're constructed integrated dryers are likely to be more difficult to repair than standalone units.

hoover-hbd-485d1e-1-80-8-5kg-1400-integrIt is important to keep in mind that your washer-dryer can only dry half of its capacity at a time. You'll need to wash smaller loads or be ready for the drying process to be interrupted halfway and the second part to be completed independently. You can also reduce your load size by using KG mode. This will automatically adjust water, time and energy to suit the weight.candy-cbd485d1e-integrated-washer-dryer-


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