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20 Resources That Will Make You Better At Wall Mount Electric Fireplac…

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Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

betelnut-68-electric-fireplace-wall-mounWall mounted electric fireplaces add an inviting, warm space to your home without the hassles of ash, chimney cleaning, or buying, stacking, and hauling coal or firewood. They are an alternative to traditional fireplaces, and they do not block the floor or make people fall as they walk.


If you are a fan of the appearance of a traditional fireplace, but don't have the space for a large hearth and chimney, a wall mount electric fireplace is a chic alternative. These units liberate the floor space by putting them on a flat surface and plug into an electrical outlet for year-round use. Most models have a remote control that allows simple switching between on and off. Certain models also feature flame displays as well as decorative embers. These models are available in different sizes and styles.

Most models of wall-mounted electric fireplaces are slim however, you can find large linear options that stretch across the length of the wall. These are great for rooms with low ceilings and can be used to create a cozy focal point that doesn't take up the entire space.

Electric fireplaces can be installed on flat walls, just as a wood fire. They are available in a variety of frame colors that range from black to stainless steel and mirrored glass. Choose a frame that is compatible with your furniture or wall. Certain models come with flat-screen televisions which makes them an entertainment system in one.

Many people prefer this method placing their TV over their fireplace. This is a good idea however, be aware of the rules for clearance between the TV and the electric fireplace. Most clearance guidelines recommend keeping all combustibles at least three feet away from the fireplace.

Some of these units are designed to be recessed into walls for a custom fit. This kind of fireplace may not have the same amount of heat like a straight-front wall mount but it is perfect for a bespoke installation. You can also find wall-mounted electric fireplaces that are designed to be mounted on the ceiling. These units are best for a commercial setting like a restaurant or hotel lobbies.

A lot of these models come with various heat output settings which you can adjust depending on the time of year. Some models can be turned off to use all year round without losing the appealing flame effect. Some fireplaces come with a heating setting that only warms up the surrounding area. These features are ideal for homes with children and pets, as the fireplace does not produce any heat, and is safe to touch.

Flame Effects

Many electric fireplaces have different flame effects that are designed to mimic the look of a real fire. These features are typically paired together with an LED backdrop to give a realistic appearance that is easily blended in with different interior decor styles. You can also alter the color and intensity of the flame according to your mood or mood of the room.

A chemical-based flame effect is a better option. It simulates the behavior and appearance of a natural fire. They use a can of chemical fluid which is heated by an element inside the unit to create the fire. These units can be messy and require a lot of maintenance.

A different option to chemical flames is a plasma blaze effect that is composed of tiny particles that flicker and glow to simulate the look of real fire. The issue with this kind of flame simulation is that it can look too fake and may not be as visually appealing as other options.

There are wall-mounted electric fireplaces with realistic log sets and holographic flame projection that give a realistic appearance. These fireplaces in the wall typically have the appearance of rust or wood that is a good match for traditional interior designs. They can also be positioned in recesses for a more customized appearance that can blend into the various wall designs.

The dimensions of your room as well as your personal taste will determine the model you select. You will need to choose a larger model for larger spaces to ensure it fills the space without making it appear empty. A smaller or compact model is more suitable for a smaller room. These electric fireplaces come in a variety of frames and surrounds that match your home decor. For example the AL45CLX2-G wall-mount fireplace from Ambiance comes in a variety of finishes like stainless steel, flat black metal and a standard black glass that will fit into most 2x4 walls.


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces offer a lot of style and function without the hassle of installing a real fireplace. There is no need to hire an electrician, you don't need a chimney and you don't have to think about running gas lines through your home. There are a few considerations to make when selecting a wall-mounted electric fireplace.

The venting system is one the biggest differences between wall-mounted fireplaces as well as freestanding ones. While most freestanding units have a vent located on wall fireplace the back of the unit, a lot of wall-mounted models don't. This is due to the fact that the majority of the heat comes from the top of the fireplace. If the fireplace isn't equipped with enough venting, it could result in a fire hazard. It is important to read reviews before purchasing the unit.

Another big difference between wall-mounted and freestanding fireplaces is the flame effects. While the majority of freestanding fireplaces feature LED screens and rotisserie-style lights wall-mounted fireplaces use mist and other modern technology to mimic flames and smoke. Dimplex, for example, offers a range of fireplaces that utilize ultrasonic technology to create the illusion of a fire.

Some wall-mounted electric fireplaces can be recessed partially into the wall, and this permits them to be put in in tight places where a traditional fireplace would not be able to fit. This allows them to blend in with a variety of interior styles.

Some wall-mounted electric fire places have multi-view while others are only front-view. These are usually a little larger than their single-view counterparts and allow you to see the flames from several sides of the room.


Wall mount electric fireplaces, like the name implies, are designed to be mounted on the wall. They are usually installed using brackets. The method of installation differs between models, but it is generally straightforward. Some are simply connected to the wall and screwed into it some may require you to construct an enclosure around them prior to placing them on the wall. In either case, you should carefully follow the instructions provided with the fire. Make sure the opening size of the frame is correct and that you position the unit in accordance with any safety guidelines.

The first step is to choose the best location for your fireplace, based on the style of the room as well as the furniture you have. It's also worth checking if the location is close enough to a power socket or you're willing to let an electrician move plug sockets for you (if there's one there already).

Prepare the area once you've decided on a suitable location for the fireplace by clearing the area, taking away furniture that is in use, and then getting the walls ready. This could mean removing any existing wallpaper or decoration and also the location of any studs, and marking them with a stud finder (you'll often be asked to have two people hold the fireplace in place to ensure it's in the right place).

Most wall-mounted electric fires will have templates for drilling holes. This template should use to mark locations on the walls where brackets are to be positioned. Once you've marked the positions then drill the holes and fit the rawl plugs. In general the heater, which sits in front of the fireplace, and produces heat, must be at least 400mm away from any combustible material, such as fabric.

vitesse-50-inch-ultra-thin-electric-fireAfter drilling the holes, you will need to attach the bracket to the wall. Certain models will require you place the firebox on the bracket, while others require you to place the fireplace onto the bracket before attaching the screen. In either case, it's important that you follow the installation guidelines precisely to avoid damaging your new appliance. Connect the fireplace to test it.


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